After spend some time in New Zealand, I came back to Brasil. I’m very happy for the job that I made there. The Giapo’s shop is very nice and the job made by Giapaolo and team is great. In a place were use to be a small ice cream shop (were I pass many times and doesen’t notice that it was a ice cream shop) they build an amazing shop. The shop is build by the Web 2.0 and LoveMarks concepts. For it we creat a family of characters. All of they with their own story and personality. All concepts are good. The website is not finished yet, but it have many tools to connect you with Giapo.

I also have the opportunity to develop with Giapaolo and Nicola a software for the shop. It is a software for social networks, were you can recorder a video and share with all your friends on social networks. I think the software is in the beta version. But it’s very funny any way. And it also connect you with Giapo.





You check what people say about the shop and the gelato in their channel on youtube. GiapoTV.

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